Pain Management

Ross Halpern PhD & Associates specializes in the most efficient chronic pain management.

Pain Management

Pain Management | Ross Halpern Phd & Associates - Ypsilanti, MI

Our innovative treatment program includes individual and group psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, biofeedback, havening and reprocessing. Treatment is designed to suit your needs in response to an assessment of what may be most effective with your specific situation.

If medication, surgery and other treatments are not providing the relief you had hoped for, there may be emotional or psychological factors that are aggravating and sustaining the pain. At Halpern and Associates we are committed to helping individuals who are suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, panic disorders, complex RPS, RSD, and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Halpern has been a pain psychologist for over twenty years. He has evaluated and treated over twenty-five thousand patients suffering from chronic pain. He regularly works with over one hundred physicians and talks to groups of physicians and insurers who themselves provide treatment and support to patients with chronic pain.

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